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Is your enterprise ready for a virtual CFO?  Watching your small or medium business (SME) grow is rewarding and satisfying — but as you start hitting your financial goals, managing the day-to-day finances can become a challenge. It’s at this point you might think about employing a Finance Manager or CFO. However, the chances are you can’t afford the salary they command. This is where YBFM could be the solution you are looking for.

Your Business Finance Manager offers the best virtual CFO services at a rate you can afford.

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What is a Virtual Chief Financial Officer?

The clue is in the title of the role. A virtual CFO is a financial and business operations specialist who takes on the tasks of a chief financial officer within your SME. The difference is that the support and advice are delivered remotely or in-person on a part-time schedule personalised to suit your business’s needs — removing the necessity for a full-time employee and the expense that entails.

    The strategic advice Your Business Finance Manager offers can be a game-changer for your small or medium-sized business. With the advent of new technologies, we can extract the data necessary to offer you insights into your business in real-time — utilising accurate data to identify growth opportunities and areas of concern.

    A virtual CFO could be the answer to streamlining your finance functions. Get in touch today and see how YBFM can help.

    Who Can Benefit From a Virtual CFO?

    Virtual CFO services are a cost-effective solution for SMEs – both established small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. Your growing business can gain the benefits of coaching, accounting, business advice and tax services a CFO can offer — even if you aren’t in the position to employ one full-time.

    Your Business Finance Manager provides flexible virtual CFO services in Sydney. We tailor the services you need, based on where your business is at and what you can benefit from. This means your SME receives the help it requires at just the right time.

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    YBFM’s Outsourced CFO Services, Sydney Are A Proven Winner

    “As the General Manager at Hollier Dicksons, a rapidly growing national wholesale distributor, Joseph was one of my most valued and important resources; helping me to better understand the business performance, ensuring the business was always on top of its financial obligations and providing innovative and sound strategic advice that drove profitability and helped the business plan for the future. I really enjoyed working with Joseph and would highly recommend him to any businesses and managers looking for someone to help them with the financial and wider commercial aspects of their business.”

    General Manager, Hollier Dicksons, Foodservice & Distribution, Sydney.

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    Virtual CFO Services and Processes

    With Your Business Finance Manager as your virtual CFO, you have access to the wealth of knowledge accumulated by working with many SMEs for over 10 years. We liaise closely with you to understand the areas of your business that require attention and support you to enhance them.

    Through regular communication, we assess your financial position and identify areas for growth and opportunities to strengthen your financial position. Our hands-on, practical thinking style is wired into the needs of a small business — which is why we add value.

    Some of the services you can expect from YBFM as your virtual CFO include, but aren’t limited to:

    Some of the services you can expect from YBFM as your virtual CFO include, but aren’t limited to:

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    Do I Need a Virtual CFO for My Business?

    We’ve given you an outline of what a virtual CFO does and how they can benefit your business. You might be wondering whether this is the correct way to move forward for your business. If you can answer yes to one or more of the following questions then it could be the right time to engage the outsourced CFO services Your Business Finance Manager offers:


    • Is your business becoming more complex, leaving you struggling to juggle employees, suppliers, contracts, bookkeeping, and other components?
    • Are your financial reports and forecasts delivering unfavourable results and you would like a better understanding as to why?
    • Is your SME experiencing a period of rapid growth, and things are getting beyond your control or capabilities?
    • Are you frustrated with the limited information you receive from your accountant and are looking for more in-depth information on your performance and profitability?
    • Are you struggling to get your debtors to pay and/or stay on top of your cash flow commitments?
    • You know decisions need to be made in respect of the direction your business is heading, but you don’t have the time or information you need to make sure you get these right?

    If you are looking for a virtual CFO in Sydney, then Your Business Finance Manager is a wise choice. We have in-depth knowledge of all these issues, and more, and can apply them to your unique circumstances. We make sure your business progresses by installing robust practices and valuable insights. Our priority is giving you the tools to make and implement sound decisions — so your SME performs and grows.

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