Managing Your Finance and Accounts Teams

Are you looking for help managing your finance and accounts staff?

Most people agree that the hardest part of running a business is managing people. Couple that with recent research that shows staff turnover and lack of engagement costs the economy $3.8b in lost productivity annually — there is no doubt that businesses need to invest in, and have a plan for, managing their people.

As a virtual CFO in Sydney, Your Business Finance Manager has managed accounts and finance teams as small as one and as large as 15. The principle of success is always the same — having the right people, at the right price, with the right purpose!

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We can provide a customised solution to managing your accounts and/or finance teams which can include:

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  • A mixture of remote and face-to-face engagement from our small business financial management services.
  • Bespoke and ongoing training and development solutions for your staff.
  • Advice and support with forming the right team and recruiting for roles.
  • Reviewing and streamlining existing processes and systems, including debtor and creditor management.
  • Helping staff manage their time and prioritising what is important to achieving your business goals.
  • Strategic financial management, and support and advice on implementing new accounting software systems.
  • Approaches for keeping staff engaged and happy, as well as advice and support in managing conflict in the workplace and difficult team members.

Working remotely or face-to-face, YBFM has the solutions you could be looking for in respect of small business employee management for your accounts and finance teams.

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Managing Business Finances and Employees

As a business owner or manager, supervising and leading your company’s employees and operations can sometimes be a step too far. While you may be more than capable of multitasking, often it comes down to quantity over quality — and you just don’t have the time to accomplish everything.

With YBFM managing your finances and accounts teams, you will have more time to concentrate on making your business grow. We help you ensure your company is productive, has strategies in place for forward planning, and make sure your finance and accounts teams are working in harmony with your business.

The size and complexity of your finance and accounting teams depend on the size of your enterprise. It makes sense for start-ups and small businesses to either partner with a virtual CFO or take direction from a financial control expert and manager.

The core areas of financial management include:

  • Accounts receivable.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Payroll.
  • Financial statements and reporting.
  • Compliance and tax.
  • Finance planning.

Along with the functions your teams perform, there is the day-to-day hiring of competent staff, managing their roles and directing their expertise to where it’s needed. This can all be very daunting, but by consulting with YBFM for finance management, your path becomes clearer.

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What Makes YBFM’s Staff Management Different?

Your Business Finance Manager, and Joseph Essey, have more than 10 years of experience collaborating with SMEs and start-up businesses. Our passion is to help you get it right from the outset and to help your business grow. For any small business, money management and having the correct staff in place, is vital to its success.

YBFM supports you with forming the right finance and accounts teams to build a strong foundation for your business. We can help with advice on recruitment, and devise tailored training and development, so your team functions at its best. It doesn’t stop there though, we make sure that your team continues to progress with the business and team members are properly mentored.

We will also set in place full and transparent documentation of your SMEs processes, so there is less room for error and continuity is maintained. After all, when your team knows what is expected of them and the parameters they have to work to, they are more likely to be productive.

YBFM’s finance staff management services could be the answer you are looking for to manage your accounts and finance teams.

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