YBFM: SME Advisory and Business Consultant, Sydney

If you are looking for a business consultant in Sydney, you have come to the right place!

In a growing business where resources are scarce, as a manager or an owner, often you end up doing whatever you must to succeed. This could mean assuming the roles of HR, legal, operations and customer service all in one!

With a lifetime of experience in and around small businesses, we have seen the impact of spending all one’s time “in” the business and not enough time “on” the business. We see the benefits SMEs can reap from partnering with an expert business consultant.

At Your Business Finance Manager, we can help by providing sound accounting and advisory services on the running of your business — as well as taking on those tasks that are chewing up your time and stopping you from growing your business and reaching your goals.

Call YBFM to find out how our small business advisory services can boost your SME’s performance.

Some of our business advisory and support solutions include:

  • the Review of and streamlining your internal processes and systems.
  • Cost reduction and negotiation tips and strategies.
  • Support with bank refinancing and loan applications.
  • Being your business’s point of contact for accounting and government audits.
  • Advice on your rights and obligations as an employer and strategies for engaging your workforce.
  • Preparing business forms and communications.
  • Key contract reviews and recommendations.
  • Strategies and options for marketing your business and reaching your target market.
  • Management consulting services, providing advice on business’s strategic and successional planning.
Small Business Consultant Sydney

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Small Business Advisor Sydney

Why You Need YBFM SME Business Advisory Services

You may be running a business quite competently, but the services of a small business consultant in Sydney can give you the edge you need. No matter how efficient you are, there are improvements and gains that can be had from employing a small business consultant. If you are just starting out or have an SME that isn’t performing, small business advisory services can be invaluable in what they can help you achieve.

Some of the benefits you can reap from having business advisory services in your corner include:

A Small Business Consultant Can Save You Time and Money

Without a small business advisor, you could be making costly mistakes by relying on hit-or-miss decisions that are as likely to fail as to succeed. Not only that, you could be finding that research before making a business decision is taking you hours, eating into your valuable time.

YBFM’s business consulting services give you access to expertise and knowledge that has been gained over years of working with SMEs and start-up businesses. We help you make strategic decisions, armed with insights and reports you can rely on. You stay in control, but we help you navigate and drive your business forward.

Small Business Consulting Services Can Help You Plan for the Future

Sometimes, getting lost in the day-to-day operations of your SME can result in you losing focus on long-term goals. A business management consultant, like YBFM, helps you take a step back and look to future expansion and growth. We have the experience to help you create strategies that carry your business forward.

A Small Business Advisor Helps You Take Advantage of Opportunities

Opportunities can present themselves, but you might not have the strategies or processes in place to maximise them. What would happen if you have a service or product that is suddenly in great demand? Can you upscale to cater to the increased market without it impacting your reputation or customer service?

YBFM will create processes that help you recognise opportunities and assist in developing strategies to maximise growth and deal with prospects as they present themselves.

What Sets YBFM Small Business Advisory Services Apart

Small business consulting firms, like YBFM, offer an impartial and honest evaluation of your SME.

What separates us from other business advisors and virtual CFO’s is that we offer hands-on, practical management and financial consulting services and support. These cater specifically to the unique needs of privately run small to medium-sized businesses with our expertise gained through years of working day in, day out in growing SMEs.

“I recommend Joseph for any business looking to get a better control over the management of their financial systems and processes and any manager who needs a more thorough understanding in to the performance of their business and what this means for their financial plans and wider business strategy.” 

Head of Finance, Nisbets Australia, Retail & Hospitality, Sydney

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