Budgeting and Cash Flow Solutions

Most people in today’s world will not buy a car that does not include an inbuilt navigation system, but many are happy to run their business and manage their finances without this. And, as any experienced driver will tell you, a missing navigation system will often end with you being in the middle of nowhere, low on petrol and no service station for miles!

With limited resources and unlimited options, a growing business must develop a road map of its goals and a plan to deliver on these. As part of this, we can work with you to produce cash flow management tools, customised budgets and forecasts based on your requirements and the nature of your business.

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What is a Cash Flow Budget?

A cash flow budget is a business tool that no SME should be without. It’s an important management function that gives you an estimated screenshot of your income and expenditure so you can plan for the future.

At YBFM, we set up a robust system of managing accounts receivable and payable, from which we are able to build reliable cash flow forecasts. As well as identifying exactly where your finances are coming in and out, it also provides detail for sourcing finance options. This enables us to help you with applications for finance and bank refinancing.

Cashflow Forecasting

Some of the benefits of cash flow forecasting include:

  • Helping your SME meet commitments on a day-to-day basis.
  • Gives you an understanding of your finances so you can plan for shortfalls or surpluses in cash flow.
  • Provides indicators and benchmarks so you can set achievable goals.
  • Assists you in making informed strategic decisions if you are planning extra expenditure.
  • Maintains a record that demonstrates to your bank, you can manage your cash flow budget, making additional borrowing easier.

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Cash Flow Management and Budgeting Solutions from YBFM

An effective budget delivers insights that lead to timely decisions and positive actions to improve your company’s performance — resulting in greater profits. YBFM’s cash flow and budgeting solutions are customised for the needs of your start-up, small business or medium enterprise. We have the expertise, resources and time to develop a robust picture of your business finances.

Our Budgeting and Cash Flow Solutions Include:

  • Financial budgets, including annual or half-yearly profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow budgets.
  • In-depth sales budgets for you and your sales team.
  • Detailed functional budgets for different areas of your business and key overhead lines.
  • Ongoing forward forecasts for monthly and/or quarterly results.
  • Reporting on variances of actual results against budget.
  • A cash flow reporting forecast model that helps you monitor ongoing requirements.

Hiring YBFM gives you an expert budgeting consultant in Joseph who helps make managing your growing business easier and more effective. Whether you need guidance on your start-up business venture or are looking for assistance with cash flow and operating expenses for your medium-sized business — we can help you find the answers.

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