Your Business Finance Manager

Helping Growing Businesses Thrive

Our Purpose

At Your Business Finance Manager, our purpose is to give the owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses the time and information they require to better manage their business and achieve their financial goals. We know growing businesses need to have an oversight on their financial position and a plan for managing this — but often don’t have the time or expertise in the business to achieve this.

Virtual CFO Services

Every business should have a finance manager, but we know that not every business can afford one. At YBFM, we bring this vital expertise and dedicated resource to Australia’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at a cost they can afford.

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Your Business Finance Manager is a Proven Asset for Growing SME’s

Your Business Finance Manager exists to help start-ups and growing small businesses manage their finance function. We have experience of working with clients across a wide range of industries — including, but not limited to, wholesale distribution, retail, professional and business services, food service, and hospitality.

We are predominantly wired into the way small businesses work, and what functions they need.

“Joseph is a transformational leader with the ability to proactively identify business issues and be a trusted advisor who helps drive business profitability. Through his experience, knowledge and personable approach he is able to take the complex world of finance strategy & operations and break it down to a simple road map for business leadership and staff alike. Joseph would be an asset and add significant value to any business looking to take control of its Finance function and achieve sustainable growth or for any business simply looking for honest, forward thinking and reliable advice.”

Director, Automic Group, Professional Services, Sydney

We Support Businesses by Helping:

  • Record, track and understand your performance.
  • Cut and control costs.
  • Convert sales into sustainable profits.
  • Manage and forecast your cash flow requirements.
  • Manage your time better through improved processes and systems.
  • Protect your assets and assess your business risk.
  • Manage your finance and accounting teams.

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About  YBFM

At Your Business Finance Manager we help businesses to grow by ensuring effective management of their finances — and by delivering to owners and managers the vital information and insights they need to make better strategic decisions.

What separates us from other business advisors and Virtual CFO’s? It’s the hands-on, practical accounting and finance support we offer catering specifically to the unique needs of privately run small to medium-sized businesses. This expertise has been gained through years of working day in day out in growing SMEs.

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Virtual CFO Services, Sydney

Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the funding or time to employ a chief financial officer (CFO), so the function often lands squarely on your shoulders as the owner or manager. Why not take advantage of Your Business Finance Manager’s virtual CFO services that will be tailored to your enterprise’s needs. We think outside the box to help you meet short and long-term objectives, providing advice on reporting, finances, budgets, strategies and more — with a view to making your business more efficient and improving your bottom line.

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Financial Reporting and Performance Analysis

We offer key reporting and analysis functions that can help your business. These include monthly financial statements and trend analysis, insights into key issues and opportunities for your business — and a better understanding of your sales, profitability and cost performance.

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Budgeting and Cash Flow Solutions

Without sufficient budgeting and cash flow solutions, you are essentially flying blind! We can help you take the blinkers off and customise reports based on your business requirements — including sales and cash flow budgets, ongoing forward cash flow forecasts, and more.

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Business Advisory and Consulting

How many different “hats” do you wear in any one day running your business? One minute its customer service, the next HR, operations and doubtless many more. Your Business Finance Manager can take some of the heat that’s preventing you from spending time on the things that matter — growing your business and achieving your goals.

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Managing Your Finance and Accounts Team

Do you love running your business but struggle with managing people? Your Business Finance Manager has the answer with experience of managing small and large teams remotely and face-to-face — from advice and support through recruitment to time management, streamlining processes, dealing with conflict and more.